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Dispersed mild creates rings of seven colours, the identical because the rainbow, and the quantity for ‘her’ is ‘seven’. The person is number 8 and multiplied together 7×8 is 56, the number of holes in the outer circle of Stonehenge. Both these numbers are linked to ancient beliefs that elevate over into latest devout practices.


There are 7 candles on the altar of Christian churches, and 7 lights within the common Jewish menorah, and so on. There are additionally 7 days of the week and 3×7 is 21, one more mystical number. The three represents the historical trinity of mother God, sun and light.


Stonehenge shows the follow of exchanging god-guys on crosses for fertility of the earth. The core of the web site is the horse-shoe shape enclosed by using the trilithons, made of 2 upright stones with a cap


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