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  1. Tipping: Waiters and waitresses normally recognize being tipped in money (use $1’s, $5’s, and probably $10’s). You’ll want about $200 for repeated tipping when you go on trip considering you are certain to consume at many eating places.


Paying with credit and debit playing cards are convenient methods to purchase what you want and need. Frequently, you can’t continually pay with either card, so squirreling away $200 in cash with you when leaving your condo can be a lifesaver. In emergencies, credit and debit cards may also be of little use like: national electrical grid shutdowns, frozen playing cards, street emergency help. Different instances, you’ll need the same sum of money for items when you go out of town: fuel, flea markets, restaurants, snack areas, and tipping. If you don’t raise either a debit or credit card, or fail to remember to deliver them with you, the






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