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light wood, aluminum and reeds can be utilized for making the body of kite. Frame of the kite is the major and relying component. A further foremost ingredient of it’s string or line (in the neighborhood known as manja). Cotton is most suitable ingredient for making of the string or line, although nylon and polyester can be used. Nonetheless, nylon and polyester is relatively dangerous and likewise prohibited in Pakistan. Most popularly, kites are flown for recreational, scientific study and military purposes.




Flying of kites are not foremost for all people, nonetheless, it’s most likely anything that we revel in and may relate to so many ways. The mom and dad purchase kites for his or her children in their vacations. Some of the kites are so massive and are within the form of a sharks and snakes. These kites have relatively lengthy tails that whips within the wind too. Just lately, there is a revival of kite festivals far and wide. One could see intriguing designs of colourful kites of quite a lot of styles and sizes throughout


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