love good morning shayari

When you consider that men and women are besotted with money and dream of an eternal existence in the sky they can’t see or perceive their folly. The info are all people who has lived is back in bodies at this time (Isaiah 26:19) and reincarnation proves that heaven and hell are myths. There is only one real God and that is the Spirit of the universe (Isaiah 45:four-8) and it’s now judging the arena and removing the evil from it.


The web is the Mountain of God promised for the final days (Micah 4:1) and it’s spreading the truth over the sector. Every body has access to it and God is speakme to them (Jeremiah 25:31,33) and explaining the controversy it has with the international locations. Most effective the non secular have the energy to hear and learn from it because the relaxation will take in the lies and keep on with them.



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