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One factor reigns supreme over the person-made world of destruction – cash. If you happen to had been wondered with the aid of god, what would you say in return? Maybe you could possibly answer that with out money you might now not continue to exist in an international that’s dependent on it. You could say that the food in the jungles you are helping to shrink isn’t adequate in your style. Then again you could argue that you just need the electrical energy to look and the coal to keep warm.


However what if God reminds you that money has best been round for 2,000 years and that exchange and commerce are the effect of the second beast of Revelation, who is Constantine? You would then be taught that it used to be he who invented the Catholic Church, Jesus Christ, and the monetary process; that it was he who blinded and deafened you to the data for the reason that he pressured every person to worship his gods.


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