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The obstacle erupts when they may be pulled over. Rolling down the window, the officer will get a whiff of alcohol from the driving force. What follows is a sobriety test, a search of the automobile, and if there are other occupants, license verification and determination if the passengers were drinking alcohol. The driver should have come to a whole stop.


This story pops in my head as I write this. In the late 80s, I was out at a restaurant/bar with two acquaintances. We left and was pulled over for erratic lane altering. I used to be no longer the motive force. I was once a passenger. One officer put the driver in the police car and drove off. The opposite officer requested if we had been ingesting and we both said, “yes, we had consumed alcohol drinks on the restaurant/bar.” The outcome was the passenger officer using our pal’s automobile and riding us to the police station. We acquired out when we arrived and proposal that we would force our pal’s auto


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