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To calculate a comparative value for borrowed cash you will have to take the interest price of the lender’s offer and multiply it through $1,200,000. Here is how that looks. The Lending club (for example) just lately marketed a price “as little as” 5.9% per 12 months curiosity. At 5.9%, on $1.2 million the cost of borrowed cash could be $70,800 per 12 months. If that sales have been factored the fee of money would be $30,000.




figuring out the difference between an interest rate and a reduction cost requires watching on the economic transaction from an additional factor of view. “cost of money” isn’t a direct evaluation. Using rate of cash as the fundamental reason for a determination between the two financing items does not serve the trade owner. The determination, as has been noted in different articles on this series, is best established on different issues:


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