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Typically, the world has become unbalanced and there is nothing to repair it. We are not able to reverse the developments and we can’t demand people discontinue taking from the environment while they depend on cash to reside. It’s a lure we’ve been driven into with the aid of it.


My memory of reincarnation presents me with an explanation of why this has occurred as it is my opinion that everybody who has lived is now again of their body as we are within the last days. That is supported through prophecies whereby we’re advised that we return six instances but that the seventh will be the final (Job 5:19-22) even as we are additionally informed that the graves will quit their useless (Isaiah 26:19).


This recycling fits how nature recycles and the historical becomes new again. Handiest now we have now been warned that only some will continue to exist the things that are coming. The visions shown to me were horrendous and have already begun. Cash won’t discontinue it however alternatively it’s the gentle underneath the fire that’s inflicting it and extinction of species is the way to convey it about





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