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Kabbadi is a contact game played by two opposing groups. The time period Kabbadi can also be used in reference to the more than a few types reminiscent of Sanjeevani, Gaminee, Amar and Punjabi which can be played in conforming to global principles. Apparently, this one sport goes with the aid of a number of names in India – e.G. Kabbadi or Sadugudu in Tamil Nadu, Chedugudu in Andhra Pradesh, Hututu in Maharashtra. In different places in the Asian region, it’s known as Hadudu in Bangladesh and Baibalaa in Maldives. Some versions in principles between taking part in international locations exist although the sport itself just isn’t played very another way and it is viewed a national game – for e.G. Bangladesh and Nepal. In the course of the British occupation of India it was once played by using the British soldiers as a enjoyable game and its entry into the uk used to be handiest approaching. The sport is ruled by means of governing federations in these countries.


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