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Kaepernick had sat down during the anthem in the 49ers’ previous two preseason games. However that

have taken to our on-line world to level racial epithets on the 1/2 black, half white Kaepernick, as well as wishing him bodily harm. It is obvious that many in the usa take displaying right appreciate to the national anthem seriously, and are inclined to either furnish no possible replacement for his protest, or opt for to ignore it altogether.


However I digress. Kaepernick has mentioned he’s going to continue to take a seat for the duration of the country wide anthem earlier than each recreation unless his considerations involving the healing of blacks in the us is rectified. That day is some distance from fitting a fact, as a few incidents of black residents being murdered at the hands of law enforcement and non black residents have brought the united states’s relationship with her black citizens to the forefront.


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