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Neem wood is native to India and the subcontinent and is part of the mahogany family. It is also known as Nimtree or Indian Lilac. The neem tree is an evergreen and is a speedy-developing tree that reaches heights of up to 20 metres and in infrequent instances can grow as much as 40 metres tall. It’s equipped to cut for trees between 5-7 years.


Here are some of neem timber’s characteristics:


*It facets interlocking, coarse and rough grain that makes the wooden very long lasting

*at the same time regarding the Mahogany tree family, it’s effortless to work with and carve via either hand or computer

*The neem tree is known for it’s drought resistance and is most commonly used for color

*It has multiple different makes use of including typical remedy – Siddha and Ayurvedic practitioners use neem products, espeically for treating skin disorder; neem is used a average replacement to pesticides; the oil is utilized in cosmetics like cleaning soap, shampoo and toothpaste; and for hundreds of years neem twigs have been used as toothbrushes. The stick is first chewed as a toothbrush after which break up and used as a tongue cleaner. Cool hey!


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